Customizing shoes started out as just another art experiment.

Getting ready for 2018 Bushwick Open Studios, I was invited to be 1 of 40 artists to showcase my artwork in an exhibition for the whole weekend.

Not being part of exhibitions, shows or markets for the past 2 years, I wanted to present something completely different for this weekend. Something I’ve never done.

Drawing on a piece of paper or canvas has always been my forte, but I asked myself, “Why not try a different surface?” - then came the shoes. I believed that the shoe would add a different element to the presentation with my art booth consisting of the usual prints & apparel.

I went out to the city and bought a brand new pair of white Adidas Superstars. I drew on them to present at the 1st day of the exhibition. Everybody who came across my booth LOVED my Superstars! Then on the 2nd day, I came up with an idea to do live painting at the exhibition for day 2 & 3. So I went out and bought a new pair of Nike AF1.

Since then, the response has been excellent, whether the shoes were being viewed in person or on the internet. Way beyond my expectations. I’ve been receiving a lot of comments and advice from all sorts of people to actually making this a thing for myself. And right now, this has been my main focus that I’m rolling with. I LOVE drawing & painting on kicks! - it’s my new favorite hobby.


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Live Drawing on Adidas Superstar at The Sneaker Exit 02.16.19